Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The New Testament...............

Let's keep my mom kind of got the hint that maybe she should date a little longer before the big "M" (marriage for those not paying attention). She met someone and decided to move to Norfolk (pronounced Norfuck if you live there) Virginia. Mean (my sister, see first blog) refused to move and decided to live with my paternal grandparents. I decided to live with my dad in Ft. Wayne Indiana.

This was the beginning of a new life for me. My dad had become a member of the Mennonite faith, so i started to attend the Central Mennonite Church. For the first time in my life I had real live friends (non TV personalities). Let's break down the Mennonite faith for you non-believers...........NO THEY AREN'T AMISH! Mennonites are born again christians and come in different strengths so to speak. There are the very strict...usually denoted by the women always in dresses or skirts lower than the knee, don't cut their hair and wear it up in a fashionable bun, and wear a covering that kind of looks like a big mesh coffee filter. They don't dance, play sports, or go see rated R movies. Then there are the not so strict.....which my church was (praise Jesus). Here the women usually only wore the coffee filter on Sunday, however could cut their hair, and weren't forced to wear a dress or skirt. The don't dance, play sports, and rated R movies thing was condoned but frowned upon. Those of you wondering about the no sports creates a competitive spirit which isn't godly.

The most important thing to note about the Mennonite faith is that they have an amazing sense of community. In joining this church not only did I have friends, but all of a sudden I had extra sets of parents, mentors, and spirit guides (not the animal type). The other important thing to note is that the Mennonites are amazing cooks. Don't be fooled by Amish Acres my little non-believers....those are Mennonites cooking in there!!!!! Typical Amish food sucks. Anyway, I went to church at least three times a week and enjoyed every minute of it. I became a right wing Republican, marched in anti-abortion rallys, and became a fan of christian music. Amy Grant, Sandy Patti, and Michael W Smith were playing in my cassette player.

This lasted until my mother moved back to Defiance and married number five (he was also number six, don't go there). I missed my mom and mean and decided to move back my freshman year in highschool. I lived with them until my senior year and decided to move back with my dad in Ft. Wayne.

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